brad + jamie engagement | ballwin, mo

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dembiec family | saint louis, mo



I’m all about surprises. (Ask my husband…) So when Jenny contacted me and told me that she was flying her husbands two brothers and their families in as a surprise–I knew something good was about to happen! The three brothers got married only months apart, and now with little kiddos, it was the first time they had all been together! How fabulous–I know! ¬†Getting to photograph these memories was just as good as a surprise…or better.Dembiec_1 Dembiec_2 Dembiec_3 Dembiec_4 Dembiec_5 Dembiec_6 Dembiec_7 Dembiec_8 Dembiec_9 Dembiec_10 Dembiec_11 Dembiec_12 Dembiec_13 Dembiec_14 Dembiec_15 Dembiec_16 Dembiec_17 Dembiec_18 Dembiec_19 Dembiec_20 Dembiec_21 Dembiec_22 Dembiec_23 Dembiec_24 Dembiec_25 Dembiec_26 Dembiec_27 Dembiec_28 Dembiec_29 Dembiec_30 Dembiec_31 Dembiec_32 Dembiec_33 Dembiec_34